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        • - Unlimited everything
        • - Free Domain
        • - 97 Day Money Back Guarantee


        • - Text Based Control Panel
        • - Many upsells
        • - Confusing dashboard

        DreamHost has an intriguing and to some degree diverting promoting approach, publicizing items like “your own particular visionary server” and “your own particular fantastic domain”, alongside a rotund child thinking about the lounge chair adjacent to the words: “Party All Night Long”. (Probably the child’s longing for celebrating?)  In any case, as is commonly said: “Whatever works,” in light of the fact that since beginning in 1997 as 4 Computer Science students, a Pentium 100 web server, and a T1 web line, they’ve developed to where they now have more than 200,000 sites on more than 700 servers kept up by 40 full-clocks.
        Likewise, DreamHost has stepped toward environmental duty. From lessening the utilization of paper items in their office to acquiring Renewable Energy Credits to control their servers, DreamHost is a carbon impartial web hosting supplier. The ecological effect of each consumable asset at work has been represented and counterbalanced, so clients know their site will be fueled with the cleanest vitality available.

        What makes DreamHost distinctive?

        There are a couple of things I like about DreamHost – that made DreamHost not the same as others.

        100% Uptime Guarantee

        There are two things I like about

        On the off chance that you dive into DreamHost’s TOS, you will discover something that you ordinarily don’t see with most other hosting suppliers – 100% uptime ensure written in basic, perfectly clear English. No extra standards in little content, no dozen of if-else cases on the assurance.

        Ensured Uptime

        DreamHost ensures 100% uptime. An inability to give 100% uptime will bring about client pay in accordance with rules set up in this.  Client is qualified for remuneration if Customer’s site, databases, email, FTP, SSH or webmail get to be unusable as a consequence of failure(s) in DreamHost frameworks for reasons other than beforehand reported booked upkeep, coding or setup blunders with respect to the Customer.  Client will get DreamHost credit equivalent to the Customer’s present hosting cost for 1 (one) day of administration for every 1 60 minutes (or part thereof) of administration interference, up to a greatest of 10% of client’s next paid ahead of time hosting reestablishment charge.

        97 Days Full Refund Trial Period

        DreamHost has the longest full discount time for testing I have ever seen. The hosting organization is confident to the point that clients will love their hosting administration that in the event that you wipe out inside the initial 97 days, the organization will discount your cash in full (short domain enlistment expenses).

        DreamHost plans and prices

        Available PlansPriceRecommended For:
        Shared Hosting
        Web Hosting$10.95/moThe only plan for shared hosting with domain and ssl included.
        VPS Hosting
        Start Here$15/moBasic VPS plan for users who need basic VPS hosting
        Most popular$30/moMedium performance VPS plan
        Go Bigger$60/moEnhanced performance VPS plan
        Max It Out$120/moMaximum performance VPS for users who need serious VPS hosting power
        Dedicated Hosting
        Dedicated Hosting$149/moNo plans. You can customize your dedicated hosting.
        WordPress HostingBasic dedicated server for users who want to take their hosting to the next level
        Shared Hosting$7.95Affordable, basic WordPress web hosting for new users or low traffic sites.
        Dreampress$16.95DreamPress is fully managed so you can focus on your content and we’ll worry about the rest.