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        • - High performance
        • - Free backup and restore
        • - Geographical server location


        • - Signup verification via phone
        • - A low number of site add-ons
        • - Website builder feels old and outdated

        Based in Virginia and California, InMotion Hosting is around for over a decade. InMotion Hosting offers a broad variety of hosting services in dozen of bundles that are distinct.

        The firm is rated as one of the leading hosting companies by several well known hosting review sites and is best known with its top-notch customer service. Therefore, seasoned webmasters/bloggers generally regard InMotion as the internet host for corporate users and companies – you know, after sales supports and folks who don’t mind paying a bit extra for much better reliability.

        Analyzed and Monitored since 2009. In the year 2009, I got free Launching account for review purpose from InMotion Hosting. I became a faithful customer and got hooked immediately. Now, I pay InMotion Hosting greater than $500 each year to host all my sites that are significant. I’m not saying this because I was given a free account in 2009 by InMotion Hosting, I will be saying this because InMotion Hosting is exceptional in many ways. Read on to learn more.

        InMotion Hosting Replaced Hostgator In the Top 5 Web Hosting, Why? Hostgator was displaced by InMotion and was chosen as my top 5 in early 2013. Why? Easy: Price. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Hostgator. The Gator is above average in lots of ways now. YET, with the reduction that was specific I mentioned before AND a number of new add on attributes, InMotion Hosting sticks out as the best deal in 2016.

        InMotion Hosting Plans and Prices

        Available Plans:Price:Recommended For:
        Shared Hosting
        Business Hosting Launch$3.49/moBasic hosting with basic features for building a brand new site from scratch
        Business Hosting Power$4.49/moHosting a WordPress, Drupal, or similar type website
        Business Hosting Pro$7.49/moBetter performance for hosting a more resource intensive site or multiple sites
        VPS Hosting
        VPS-1000S$29.99/moAn affordable, yet powerful & reliable solution for larger sites that need VPS hosting
        VPS-2000S$49.99/moEnhanced performance with more power and performance
        VPS-3000S74.99/moPowerful VPS hosting for large websites that need a lot of performance
        Dedicated Hosting
        Essential119.99/moAn affordable, powerful choice for large websites that need a dedicated server
        Advanced159.99/moVery large websites that need even more power
        Elite229.99/moHigh performing dedicated server to handle a lot of traffic
        Commercial Class 500419.99/moCommercial grade performance for the largest of websites
        Commercial Class 1000489.99/moEven more power for large corporate sites
        Commercial Class 2000589.99/moMaximum performance for the largest of sites